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Dr. Terrance S. Hitchcock

Dr. Terrance S. Hitchcock

“Nothing is impossible: Not a cliche’ but a motto to live by”

Terry Hitchcock is a highly sought-after motivational speaker. He is an author, entrepreneur, activist and business consultant who has entertained various audiences with his unique, passionate and heartfelt style of communicating. He reaches school children, university students, business leaders and professional athletes with the same enthusiasm, portraying the human spirit that comes from his personal experiences of adversity and triumph … and never giving up. In addition to his public speaking, Terry has authored the successful book, American Business: The Last Hurrah? and co-authored several books, including A Father’s Odyssey, upon which the films, My Run (documentary) and Pushing Life (soon to be a feature film) are based.

In 2009, Indiewood Pictures, in association with Destiny Pictures in Hollywood, immortalized Terry’s life story with an award winning, highly acclaimed documentary called My Run, narrated by Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton. Both My Run and Terry’s book, A Father’s Odyssey, received the prestigious five-star DOVE Award.

Throughout Terry’s life, he believed that nothing was impossible and saw his dreams come true many times. He has earned a BS, MBA, DBA and JD, and is a recipient of honorary degrees. Terry established the largest business incubator in the United States and successfully established five start-up companies and three non-profit foundations. All in all, he created or helped establish more than 83 companies, creating over 1,500 new jobs, raising more than one hundred million dollars in investor capital.

Terry, a veteran of the United States Air Force, helped establish a national holiday–“Grandparents Day”--and received the Distinguished Medal of Merit and American flag from President Reagan.

Terry is married to Mary Ann and has five children and two grandchildren. He lives in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

Terry Hitchcock is available for speeches, workshops and personal appearances exclusively through the MasterMedia Speakers Bureau.



What would you do if your soul mate died, you lost your job, and you found yourself with your three young children depending on you alone? For most, it would be a struggle to survive, let alone to keep it together. Even putting one foot forward every day would become an epic act of bravery. One man defied these very circumstances, and managed to do much more than just survive in the years following his wife’s death.

Terry Hitchcock, age 57 at the time, ran the equivalent of 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days--arriving at the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympics. He traveled over 2,000 miles to bring awareness to the financial and emotional hardships faced by single parents and their children--everyday heroes who run quiet, yet extraordinary, daily marathons. Terry Hitchcock proved that impossible is only a word.

1. To provide organizations and individuals with the understanding that impossible is possible and that all expectations can be met
2. To create awareness about family needs and the issues and problems that children face each day (to create a Secretary of Children at the Federal Cabinet level)
3. To highlight and raise support for breast cancer, aspergers and diabetes research


“Turn Fear into Power”
“Live Your Dreams”
“Break Free”
“Never Give Up: Defy the Odds”
“Discover Your Purpose & Implement Your Vision”
“Turn Obstacles into Opportunities”

Terry is a speaker for all seasons for all audiences for all times. He is successful in meeting and beating life’s challenges, running corporations and raising his children as a single parent. Audience members are introduced to a new way of thinking and are challenged to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

His writing and speaking career has allowed Terry to meet with over 100 world leaders to discuss a wide range of issues.


“Terry is powerful and literally seemed to bring cultures together. Whatever the audience mix is, it’s obvious that Terry can wear any hat and can speak any language so to speak”
Ron Wacks, President, UCBC (developing business between US and China), Minneapolis, MN

“I called Terry my Hero and Terry is certainly everyone’s hero. What a speaker! He spoke to over 7,000 people that evening and it seemed like he was speaking to just one at a time. Everyone holds on to his every word. He is America’s Hero … an everyday hero”
Wayne Nugent, President and Founder , World Ventures/Manifest, Plano, TX

“Terry spoke in front of 300 women inmates and he found the hearts of all the women. He was impressive and received an ovation from everyone. First time I had ever seen any speaker receive such a positive response. Later, all the inmates designed a ‘thank you’ card and had it delivered to Terry’s home”
Tracy Beltz, Warden, Minnesota Correctional Facility--Shakopee, MN

“Terry spoke to dozens of business men and women and I know reached everybody with his message. He is so knowledgeable and weaves his story so that it fits whatever group he is in front of. What a professional”
Lisa Saline, President, Main Street Chamber, Golden Valley, MN

“Over the years, we have had a variety of major speakers from CEO’s to authors to government leaders. Terry’s speech made all of us explore our own lives and motivated us to make a difference in the lives of others”
Jeff Prouty, Chairman & Founder, Prouty Project, Minneapolis, MN

“Terry spoke to over 900 sales people from all over the world, literally. He received three standing ovations. What an evening. By the time we had finished listening to Terry, everyone believed that we were all heroes, the best of the best, and that there would be nothing we couldn’t accomplish. Nothing”
Luc Vierstraete, President/Europe, Roche Diagnostics Medical, Orlando, FL

“Terry was fantastic in his talk, providing new ways to examine life. He is SUPER!”
Karissa Weir, Director of Student Activities, Gardner-Webb University (NC)

“Our staff, students, and coaches walked away from Terry’s talk exploring how each one might change their own life to better themselves. Terry is a great speaker and we continue to talk about how Terry affected all our lives”
Keith Turner, Director of Students, Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College (MN)

“Dr. Hitchcock did a great job as speaker. It’s difficult to please an educator but everyone listened to Terry and wanted to hear even more. Wonderful presentation”
Sarah Mueller, Executive Director, MNSAA (Minnesota Nonprofit Schools Accrediting Association), Saint Paul, MN

“We requested Terry to speak and we wished we could invite him every year. The standing ovation he received seemed to go on forever. What a professional”
Ron Klick, Executive Director, Metro Hope Ministries, Saint Paul, MN

“When Terry spoke to the hundreds of men at a Saturday morning breakfast, there was a huge blizzard outside and yet everyone attended because of Terry. What a speaker. What a story”
James Madsen, Pastor of Adult Ministries, Christ Presbyterian Church, Edina, MN

“I came to see Terry’s story on film and to hear Terry speak about running and training and learned something from Terry much more important than running … that I have to love my wife more. Terry was superb in talking about life’s issues, his life story, and really motivated everyone in going out and making a difference in their own lives. What a guy”
Tim VandeSteeg, Director/Producer, Los Angeles, CA

“Wow, wow, wow! There are not enough words in the English language to say what an impact this story has made in my life. I will look at many things in a new light! Thank you Terry”
Austin Film Festival, Austin, TX

“Terry reaches school children, university students, business leaders and professional athletes with the same enthusiasm, portraying the human spirit that comes from his personal experiences of adversity and triumph … and never giving up”
Fox Sports Network (FSN), Minneapolis, MN

“The only word that describes Terry is magic. He holds his audience attention and is magic.”
Stacie Martin, President, Single Parent Advocate, Dallas, TX

“Wow … Terry captures everyone’s attention immediately and you want him to continue talking forever. What a powerful individual”
Darrell Thompson, Executive Director, Bolder Options, Minneapolis, MN

“Dr. Terry Hitchcock was outstanding in every way. A wonderful speaker”
Carla Bush, Vice President , MN Multi Housing Association, Bloomington, MN

“Excellent … excellent! Terry is a great speaker, very talented, and literally brought the house down with his humor and command of the entire audience. Excellent!!”
Angie Whitcomb, President /Emily Strom, Events Director, Minnesota Chamber & Visitors Bureau Shakopee, MN

“Each time from now on when I run a marathon, I’ll think about what Terry and his son, Chris says and whatever hill I have to climb and when I feel like quitting, I’ll remember Terry’s story and what was shared and know that I can do anything and that nothing is really impossible”
Karen Lozano, Co-Race Director, Modesto Marathon (CA)


August 10, 2012

Re: The Impact the movie “My Run” had on me


I have never been moved by a movie as I was when I saw “My Run”. I saw it on the Penn State Great Valley campus September 13, 2011 as part of their Cultural and Community and Events series. I had just returned to work. My wife Joan had died of ovarian cancer the month before. The parallels between what you experienced with Sue and what I experienced with Joan were uncanny. I cried watching the movie.

I purchased the movie and the book, A Father’s Odyssey. I am so sorry to hear about Mary Anne being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I pray her remission continues.

Somewhere during the movie in the flash of a moment I knew exactly what I was going to do. I will be walking coast to coast from Atlantic City to San Francisco leaving in February of 2013. I retired from Vanguard in June, five years earlier than I had planned in order to do the walk.

Before Joan passed away she told me if there was anything that I could do to use her experience to help other women with the deadly disease she was for it. Thus, the primary reason for my walk is to raise awareness of and support research for ovarian cancer. The walk is in her memory and for Mary Anne and all women.

I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you are to me. There are many lessons that I learned from your experience that I am using to prepare for my walk.
Dave Brown

“Children are our future. Whether we are champions or challengers as we go through life, we need to continue to set examples for others to follow. When Terry and Chris set off to accomplish their impossible trek, it wasn’t impossible to them. It was their dream and they knew they could be successful. As in any accomplishment, whether in the boxing ring or elsewhere, it takes training and hard work, being dedicated to your dream, and having a game plan. Terry and Chris are my heroes. They are everyone’s heroes.”
Scott LeDoux, a heavyweight fighter in the 1970’s and early 80’s. “The Fighting Frenchman”, as he was known, twice fought for the World Championship.

“The future of our great country is predicated on the health and success of our children. They are our future. What Terry and Chris accomplished is an example of what we all need to strive for--to reach beyond, to believe in our dreams, and to work hard to make a difference in the lives of others. We too need to run our own daily marathons and to stand up and be counted.”
Norm Coleman, US Senator (2003-2009) from Minnesota and former mayor of Saint Paul

“The world needs stories of triumph, passion and believing in oneself. The story of Terry Hitchcock and his son Chris is such a story. Children and families need to know that dreams do come true and that heroes can be anyone – including you.”
Donna Smith, President and CEO of Cinema Completions International, and the first woman to head physical production at Universal Pictures.

“Sometimes the human body can provide that extra something that a person may need in order to accomplish his or her goals in life. Terry had that extra something. He and his son, Chris, had a dream and whether impossible or not, Terry was going to make his dream come true. We all need to believe in our dreams and know that dreams do come true. We just have to believe.”
Dr. Tim Rajtora, M.D., an internal medicine specialist and Terry’s personal physician.

“When I think of life from near its end I am increasingly conscious of legacy. Like the relay team member I am more conscious of how well I pass the baton, not whether I won... Terry Hitchcock is my life example. He calls it driven. I call it passion. The result is the same. Lives changed, turned around, and a lot more “can do” people out there than before Terry came into their lives with a walk and talk that is convincing.”
David Durenberger, a U.S. Senator for Minnesota from 1978 to 1995, now serving as Senior Health Policy Fellow at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minn.

“Terry is one of the most driven and dedicated people that I have met. Running from Minneapolis to Atlanta is an amazing example of setting a goal and doing whatever it takes to reach it. One of the motivators that Terry uses is the one thing that impresses me the most: he is always thinking of other people, especially children, and what he can do that would benefit them. He has an innate gift of being able to touch the lives of others, and he uses it to his fullest potential.”
Scott Meier, a physical education teacher and strength & conditioning coach in Farmington Public Schools in Minnesota. He trained Terry for his Run.

“When Terry Hitchcock gave his motivational speech to my summer camp for inner city kids, I told them Terry’s message was right on target, one of the best I had ever heard, and if they really wanted to succeed in life, they would follow what Terry said. The same thing goes for the players on my team and anyone else wanting to achieve personal and professional success.”
Dennis Green, former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals and a driving force behind many youth and community development programs.

“Knowing Terry as his doctor, I will never cease to be amazed at what he has done, persevering through all that pain and loneliness, plus a heart attack. He has shown us all the power of the heart. When a dream and a vision come from the depths of one’s heart, anything can be accomplished – defying all barriers! I am grateful for what he has done to inspire me and all of humanity to transcend our limits.“
Meghabhuti Roth, M.D., a family medical practitioner and avid marathon runner.

The success of Men’s Wearhouse over the last quarter century has been built by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We all have the potential within us, and every day provides opportunities to decide to become extraordinary – just like Terry Hitchcock did on his inspirational 2,000-mile journey. I guarantee it!”
George Zimmer, co-founder and CEO of the Men’s Wearhouse

“I have known Terry for over 25 years as his former neighbor, colleague, business partner and friend and I can tell you that his dedication to and love of kids of all ages and their dreams has never wavered or ceased to amaze me. Terry was called to make a difference in this world and even though he has faced untold challenges he always believed in himself, overcame adversity and never gave up – becoming a positive role model and forging new footprints for us all to follow. His vision, passion, desires and dreams for kids are unheard of and I am happy that this book will finally tell his long overdue story for all to hear.”
David Mooney, executive vice president of Global Business Development for Smart Card Integrators Inc. in Los Angeles, Calif.

“Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. But to me, the real heroes, on and off the ball field, are the men and women who overcome adversity to stay with their families and raise their children. Terry Hitchcock ran the “MegaMarathon ’96” to draw attention to the help needed by kids, especially kids in single parent households. Terry’s message is an inspiration to all who read his story.”
Gene Larkin, former Minnesota Twins who batted in the winning run of the 1991 World Series.

“The Minnesota Twins are excited to partner with “My Run” and the opportunity to continue our long history of community support. Terry Hitchcock is an extraordinary hero and truly an inspiration who refused to be defeated even in the face of what seemed to be impossible.”
Patrick Klinger, VP of Marketing for the Minnesota Twins

Two years ago, Terry created 21,243,599 impressions (followers); last year, Terry created 66,173,470


Roche Medical International
Polar Heart Monitors, Inc.
Special Olympics International
Shakopee Women’s Prison
Duluth Dental Association
MN Investor’s Conference
Iowa Marathon
Common Roots
Metropolitan State University (CO)
New Hope Ministries
Film Anthropist Project
Activision Health Expo
Prouty Project
TC Marathon
Children’s Tumor Foundation
MONO Marketing
President Nixon Library
President Reagan Library
President Clinton Library
Tee It Up for the Troops
Disabled Sports USA
Juvenile Diabetes
Children’s International MATH
Tent Makers
Children’s International MATH
American Cancer Association
Catholic Educators Association
Walker Place
Vail Place
Bloomington (MN) High School
Club Prior
Colonial Church
South Metro Vineyard Church
St. Croix Preparatory Academy
Sedona (AZ) High School
Roseville Lutheran Church
Laguna Woods
Roseville Lutheran Church
Women’s Winter Tea
Annandale Improvement Club
Savage Book Club
T-Bone Productions International
Colorado Runners Association


A Father's Odyssey

“Terry's life's story is an incredible inspiration of how anyone with a dream can achieve so much by just never ever giving up! Even more remarkable is how Terry has been able to touch the lives of so many families and inspire our nation's youth who are our leaders of tomorrow. This is a must have book for every family's library!”
Dave Anderson, founder of Famous Dave's restaurants.

“Life is precious and time is a key element. Let’s make every moment count and help those who have a greater need than our own. Every day, we each have our own marathons to run. We train. We practice. We ask others for help and support … but we still have to run our own marathons. Terry showed us all how to run, to train and prepare, to believe, to live our lives and to make a difference in the lives of others. We can all help others. We just have to take that first step.”
Harmon Killebrew, a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, 13-time All-Star, and Most Valuable Player in 1969, ended his career with 573 home runs.


My Run

My Run is the inspirational story of a real life Forrest Gump and hero Terry Hitchcock, the 57 year old man who ran 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days after his wife died of breast cancer to bring awareness a and a voice to the struggles faced by single parent families.

He ran in spite of freezing rain and unbearable heat, in spite of chest pains and bone fractures that wracked his 57 year old body. He just kept running--each day, every day--strengthening an unbreakable bond between father and son not stopping until he broke the finish line tape in Atlanta. What kept him going? It was throngs of townspeople who came out to greet him, who ran with him, who waited along the road to say hi and wish him good luck, the chance to speak with single parents and kids along the way and give them encouragement and a chance to tell his story to newspaper, radio, and TV reporters at every opportunity. Everyone--the kids, the parents, the farmers along the road, the reporters--asked him the same question. Why? What prompted the seemingly mad undertaking of Terry=s run? It=s simple, really Experiencing the rush of being alive, the joy of sharing, helping others and giving back. My Run is more than a film about a guy running multiple marathons; it=s a film about t the daily marathons we all run in life. The film is produced and directed by Tim VandeSteeg and produced by Mark Castaldo.

My Run made an impressive and powerful impact on the film festival circuit, winning awards and accolades, receiving national press and outstanding reviews, inspiring thousands of festival goers while selling out screenings and receiving standing ovations. It has claimed ten ADocumentary Awards@, including the AFamily Friendly@ Seal from The Dove Foundation.

On March 31, 2011 My Run screened in 535 movie theaters nationwide as a one night only Fathom Event in 140 of the top U.S. markets and received over 200 million impressions!

Audiences have been moved by Terry=s story, because it exemplifies a commitment to something greater than you. They have connected with the mental, emotional and physical toll endured by Terry prior to and during his historic feat. Most importantly, Terry is an example of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Along the way, My Run also teamed up with many high profile marketing and over 40 promotional partners, which include its Title Partner, (over 20 million online participants), along with the Lance Armstrong Foundation LIVESTRONG, Spartan Race, Road Runners Club of America and others strategic alliances.

"If we can all be 1/10 the person Terry Hitchcock is..."
Billy Bob Thornton, Academy Award Winner and My Run narrator

"A superb portrayal of human realities"
Mammoth Times

"You'll laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Cheer."
Tolucan Times

"So what touched me in My Run that had me fighting back the tears? Everything."
Chris Cookson, Inktip Magazine

"Remarkable journey from film festival favorite to Independent Film's Little Engine That Could."
Tim Coleman, NY Indie Movie Examiner

"Your film is so important to raising awareness of so many issues including the power of the human spirit. Mr. Hitchcock's vision and story is one I will never forget."
Doug Ulman, President/CEO of LIVESTRONG

"This inspiring documentary shows us how powerful the human spirit is..."
Deena Kastor Olympic Medalist and American Record Holder

"My Run, a film that exemplifies the power of the human spirit, perfectly aligns with the message and we are proud to support the film as a title promotional partner."
Victoria Wilkens, Brand Marketing Manager.

"I'm a marathoner runner; I came here to be inspired to run, but instead was inspired to love my wife more."
Bob Redwanc, ultra-marathoner

"I was so moved by Terry's story that I have included it in my book of essays on ordinary men and women who have become extraordinary heroes in out time."
Rudy Ruettiger, author, Dream Big and Never Quit! (The motion picture Rudy was based on his life story)

"One of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in a movie theater"
San movie review

A story of endurance and faith; A 5 out of 5! Inspiring!"

"My Run is a bright shiny light in a world that can feel hopeless"
Indie Movie Examiner

“An emotional and inspiring journey”
Orange County Movie Examiner

“It’s truly a story of endurance and faith”
The Dove Foundation

DOVE Award
The Dove Foundation — “Family-Friendly Seal” awards
Austin Film Festival — “Audience Award Winner”
Mammoth Film Festival — “Best Documentary Award”
Las Vegas Film Festival — “Grand Jury Prize”
DocMiami International Film Festival — “Audience Award Winner”
Newport Beach Film Festival—“Outstanding Achievement in Documentary”
Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival—“Best of Fest”
Visionfest — “Outstanding Achievement Documentary Filmmaking”
Accolade Competition — “Award of Merit”
“Welcome Home, Terry” — State of Vermont
Inductee — Newport (RI) Sports Museum
National Suit Program Spokesperson (Men’s Wearhouse)

In addition, the movie was also screened at the following festivals:
Sedona (AZ) International Film Festival
Little Rock Film Festival
DocWest Film Festival
Naples International Film Festival (FL)

To learn more about “My Run”, go to

For more information about Terry Hitchcock, go to

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