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...award-winning author, keynote speaker on recovery from bullying and emotional abuse, writing teacher

Katherine Mayfield - Bullied Cover Katherine Mayfield

A former actress who appeared Off-Broadway and on the daytime drama, “Guiding Light,” Katherine Mayfield is the author of the award-winning memoir THE BOX OF DAUGHTER: Healing The Authentic Self; a book for teens who have been bullied, BULLIED: Why You Feel Bad Inside and What to Do About It; two books on the acting business, SMART ACTORS, FOOLISH CHOICES: A Self-Help Guide to Coping with the Emotional Stresses of the Business and ACTING A to Z: The Young Person’s Guide to a Stage or Screen Career; the Kindle books, THE BOX OF DAUGHTER & OTHER POEMS and DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES: The Truth Behind the Happy Family Facade; and an award-winning short story, THE LAST VISIT.

Katherine has appeared in various media venues to discuss the bullying epidemic in conjunction with her book, BULLIED, and has extensively discussed recovery from bullying and prevention of teen suicide. She has written for national magazines, local newspapers and numerous websites, and received funding from the Maine Arts Commission in 2013 for her work.

THE BOX OF DAUGHTER, Ms. Mayfield’s memoir about her personal journey of recovery from emotional abuse and bullying, won awards from both the 2012 New England Book Festival and Reader’s Favorite Book Awards, and was nominated as a Finalist in the 2013 Maine Literary Awards. She teaches writing workshops and classes in Maine and Massachusetts, and blogs on dysfunctional families on her website,

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TV: Katherine's appearance on NBC-TV’s “207”
Radio: The Matthew Brower Show
Reviews of BULLIED

Speech and Seminar Topics

“Preventing Bullying, Teen Suicide, and School Violence”
Why is legislation not as effective as expected against bullying? Is there a way to prevent bullying, teen suicide, and school violence? Katherine Mayfield explains the truth behind the bullying epidemic and its relationship to emotional intelligence, uncovers the roots of the issue, and offers solutions for parents, teachers, and school officials to help bullies stop bullying and prevent teen suicide and school violence.

“Recovery from Bullying and Emotional Abuse for Teens and Adults”
With all of the focus the issue of bullying has received in recent years, teens and adults who have already experienced bullying, and carry the pain and anger related to the trauma, have been sadly overlooked. Most people don’t know that recovery from the trauma is possible, let alone know how to take steps to ease the pain. Katherine Mayfield offers a simple plan for understanding and releasing the overwhelming feelings that bullying produces, restoring self-esteem, and learning to create a more authentic life.

“How Parents Can Help Their Children Cope with Bullying”
Legislation is not entirely effective in eradicating bullying, because the root of the problem lies in the human aspect of the epidemic: the hearts and souls of bullies and their victims. Parents can learn simple techniques for helping kids who have been bullied to let go of painful feelings and raise their self-esteem, and for helping kids who bully others to find alternative healthy options for expressing themselves and getting attention.

“Bullying In The Workplace”
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, one out of three employees feels he/she has been bullied on the job. Workplace bullying occurs when bullying becomes entrenched in an organization and is eventually accepted as part of the workplace culture. Katherine Mayfield explains how management and employees can recognize and eliminate the stressful effects of bullying, and provides information on recovering from workplace bullying and building self-esteem.

For young women/adults: “What is Verbal/Emotional Abuse, and How to Cope with It”
Many young women are not aware of dysfunctional dynamics in romantic relationships and friendships. They may have been brought up in families where verbal and emotional abuse was the norm, and don’t know how to recognize verbal abuse or protect themselves from friends or partners who put them down and manipulate them. Knowing the signs and symptoms of unhealthy relationships can help them to cope with manipulative people, let go of anguish, and raise their self-esteem.

Comments on Katherine Mayfield

“With insight gleaned from personal experience, Katherine Mayfield brought the lingering effects of childhood bullying to light in a way to which we could all relate. This often misunderstood and hidden aspect of young lives is something we should expose and work together to eradicate. Through her books and thought-provoking presentations, Katherine is part of the solution.”
Susan Faretra, New England Conference of the United Methodist Church

"Katherine Mayfield came to South School as our guest speaker for our ‘Blue Shirt Day,’ a part of National Anti-Bullying Awareness Day. We found her presentations with both the kids and adults to be very relevant, thought-provoking, and helpful. We would recommend her presentations to other schools to continue the important work of dealing with bullying."
Angie Hall, South School Parent Teacher Fellowship

“Katherine Mayfield is a powerful speaker with a warm and engaging manner. I've attended a number of her well-researched presentations, and found them both informative and thought-provoking.
Darcy Scott, producer of the Wednesday Writers Series at the Portsmouth Athenaeum and award-winning author of three novels: Reese’s Leap, Matinicus, and Hunter Huntress

Books Authored by Katherine Mayfield

Katherine Mayfield - Bullied
BULLIED: Why You Feel Bad Inside and What to Do About It
(Maine Authors Publishing, 2013)
A guide to recovery from bullying for teens and adults

BULLIED gently gives readers many of the tools to start pulling themselves out of a situation that can appear hopeless.”—Voice of Youth Advocates Magazine

Katherine Mayfield - The Box of Daughter
THE BOX OF DAUGHTER: Healing The Authentic Self
(Maine Authors Publishing, 2012)
Katherine’s award-winning memoir about her journey of recovery from childhood emotional abuse and bullying

“Compelling....gripping....a triumph of the human spirit.”—Nashua Telegraph

Katherine Mayfield - Dysfunctional Families
DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES: The Truth Behind the Happy Family Facade
(Essential Word Press, 2012)
A collection of essays from the author’s popular blog on dysfunctional families which exposes many of the secrets that hide in dysfunctional families

Katherine Mayfield - The Box of Daughter
(Essential Word Press, 2013)
A collection of poems written during the author’s recovery from family bullying

Katherine Mayfield - The Last Visit
(Essential Word Press, 2013)
An award-winning short story about the author’s last visit with her abusive father in hospice care

Kathering Mayfield - Acting A-Z
ACTING A to Z: The Young Person’s Guide to a Stage or Screen Career, 2nd ed.
(Back Stage Books, 2007)
A primer for tweens and teens on the business of acting

Kathering Mayfield - Smart Actors Foolish Choices
SMART ACTORS, FOOLISH CHOICES: A Self-Help Guide to Coping with the Emotional Stresses of the Business
(Back Stage Books, 1996)
This guide for actors of every age helps them cope with the anxiety, fear of rejection, and occasional depression that often accompany an acting career.

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