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Jeri Sedlar

About Jeri Sedlar
Jeri Sedlar

...nationally recognized author, speaker, rewiring® expert and entrepreneur

Jeri Sedlar is is the co-author of Don’t Retire, REWIRE!*, Senior Advisor to the Conference Board on the Mature Workforce, an AARP Best Companies for Employees Over 50 judge, and a Delegate to the White House Conference on Aging. She is the creator of the concept of rewirement®, defined as “the new way to do retirement” which focuses on finding new purpose, new passions and new work possibilities in the future. Jeri is an advocate of life planning in conjunction with financial planning and travels the country demonstrating how organizations and individuals can leverage and capitalize on the “longevity bonus.”

She has appeared on “The TODAY Show”, CNN, MSNBC and “NBC Nightly News” and her work has been in The New York Times, Business Week and The Wall Street Journal. She writes a column for the Boomer website, and HORSESMOUTH, a financial newsletter.

*A Second Edition of Don’t Retire, REWIRE! was introduced in October, 2007. Her previous book was ON TARGET: Enhance Your Life and Ensure Your Success (MasterMedia Ltd.).

Jeri Sedlar has a B.S. in Business Administration from Michigan State University and lives in New York City with her co-author husband, Rick Miners.

Comments on Jeri Sedlar, Author:

“This book will become the classic guide for anyone who is ever planning on creating a new and fulfilling future for themselves!”
Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., author of Age Power and Age Wave

Don’t Retire, REWIRE! offers practical advice to help employers engage those workers in new ways and to help older workers understand the arrangements that best meet their needs.”
Peter Cappelli, Ph.D., Director, Center for Human Resources, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Suggested Speech Topics
For Your Employees, Clients, Customers, Members or Alumni:

HOT WIRE YOUR FUTURE: Figure Out What's Next When the Future is a Blur
Learn how not to fall into the traditional retirement trap. Get honest with yourself before you enter your next act. Understand the “push and pull” of retirement. Learn to "let your kite out!" Discover strategies to get fulfillment, flexibility, fun, fitness, and financial rewards in the future.

Learn how to life plan for your future and dare to imagine the possibilities! One size does not fit all. Whether you’re an entrepreneur; a professional taking down the shingle or an executive leaving corporate America, know what will be ending before you undertake a new beginning. It’s all about life planning with financial planning that really makes a difference in one’s happiness in the future.

For Corporations, Non-Profits, Government or Community Groups:
REWIRING™ : The Way to Engage and Manage a Mature Workforce
Some organizations are already feeling a brain drain or skills shortage due to the retirement of key employees. New work options and flexibility are in demand. Learn some Best and Promising Practices of early adapter companies. The Mature Workforce Paradox is all about identifying whether you need to recruit, retain, retrain, rehire or rewire your maturing employees. Did you "accidentally" retire an employee in place or did they retire themselves? Are they bored and you're frustrated because they're not doing their job? Use the REWIRING process to improve your employee's job and job performance and your satisfaction. REWIRING benefits employees and employers.

THE NEW CORPORATE CHALLENGE: Rewire Your Workforce for Greater Performance and Productivity
A sweeping overview of the key challenges arising from the "new retirement" and the impact of the longevity bonus on employees and employers. Look at the issue from 30,000 feet above and 30 feet in front. Learn how to create Rewiring Ramp ups and Runways for retirement eligible employees. Ask us about Rewirement® Lunch and Learn programs.

Reprinted with permission.

Sponsor Reviews (From Some Who Have Rewired)

"Jeri is an incredible speaker who is extremely insightful. She really connects with our financial advisors and clients in a meaningful way about the issues they’re facing in retirement.”
Aimee R. DeCamillo, Vice President, The Retirement Group, Merrill Lynch

"Jeri's visit to Bon Secours Richmond Health System helped us take our retention efforts to a new level. Just her presence sent a signal that we're now operating at a higher caliber -- serious work is at hand, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun! In one session, she spoke to leadership about their individual opportunities for rewiring and in turn nurturing that in employees. In the other session, she inspired employees, retirees and volunteers to claim their dreams -- even at work! She was professional, funny and "right on" about our potential for fulfillment, as an organization and as people."
Stephanie Shareck, Bon Secours Richmond Health System

"When you need a speaker on most of the major issues confronting baby boomers… a consultant with true 21st century ideas… a dynamo unafraid to take on the hard but important questions... whose insight is matched only by her energy, 'who you going to call?" There's only one name in my data base: Jeri Sedlar.”
Dick Goldberg, Director, Coming of Age

"Jeri Sedlar delivers an inspiring, realistic message about how each of us can make our lives more fulfilling, if we take the time to do some self discovery, and be honest with ourselves!”
Joann Jackson, Vice President of Diversity, Marriott Corporation

"Thank you again for all the time and energy you put into preparing for and delivering a great presentation for our Portland Division Store Manager Meeting. You certainly gave them a lot to think about!”
Liz Cronin, Vice President, Safeway Stores

"Jeri connected with the audience on so many levels as she facilitated a lively discussion that encouraged participants to find new purpose and meaning in their life regardless of their age. Everyone left feeling energized and eager to begin a rewired journey through retirement.”
Mel Barney, Director, OASIS Indianapolis

"Jeri is a high-energy, contagiously provocative speaker on work, retirement and finding your passion. If you're looking for a speaker to bring your audience to life and electrify them into taking action, Jeri should be #1 on your list.”
Betsy Werley, Executive Director, The Transition Network

"Jeri is a captivating speaker–informed and informative on the new issues facing Boomers...”
Wendy Sabin-Lasker, Director, The Makor / Steinhardt Center of the 92nd Street Y

" Excellent presentation! Right on point for our group. We hope to have you to Cleveland again.”
Stacey Easterling, The Cleveland Foundation

"I have attended my share of inspiring speakers but you will be forever in my heart and mind as one of the best I ever heard. We, your audience, were absolutely inspired, informed, and invigorated by your style, spirit and content.”
Dr. Olin Shockley, PUMH

REWIRE®, Rewirement® and Rewiring™ are Registered trademarks of Jeri Sedlar.

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