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Ed Robertson

Ed Robertson...a.k.a. "Doctor Rerun" — Pop culture journalist, television historian, co-host of “TV Confidential” and author of seven books, including The Ethics of Star Trek and Thirty Years of The Rockford Files

Ed Robertson is a nationally known author, journalist, historian, and commentator who writes and speaks extensively about pop culture, entertainment, and media. Hehas authored, co-authored or collaborated on seven books, including Thirty Years of The Rockford Files, a comprehensive behind-the-scenes history of the groundbreaking, Emmy-winning detective series starring James Garner, and The Ethics of Star Trek, an offbeat look at the Star Trek phenomenon that Robertson co-authored with Indiana State University professor Judith Barad.  In addition, Robertson has consulted on and provided commentary for several TV documentaries, including “Hollywood Maverick,” an hour-long look at the career of James Garner that airs regularly on the Biography Channel; “Time’s Up,” a look at ageism in Hollywood, produced by E! Entertainment Television; and, “Who Shot J.R.: The DallasPhenomenon,” a 30-minute documentary produced by Warner Bros. exclusively for“Dallas: The Complete Third Season DVD Collection”.

Ed Robertson also co-hosts “TV Confidential”, a two-hour call-in show that discusses television from all eras and genres. Recent guests include film and TV icons Bernie Casey, Kim Darby, Stepfanie Kramer and Larry Cohen, entertainment journalists Jon Burlingame, Michael Seth Starr, Joal Ryan and Bill Tush, HBO vice-president of programming Andrew Goldman, and pioneering TV executive Loreen Arbus. “TV Confidential” is broadcast live every other Tuesday at 10:00PM ET, 7:00PM PT on Share-a-Vision Radio,

Ed Robertson is also a regular guest on “The Ronn Owens Program”on KGO-AM/San Francisco, the #1 talk show on the #1 radio station in Northern California.  On the Owens show, Robertson is known as “Doctor Rerun”—a name originally given to him by Owens, and a name that Robertson uses to brand himself as an expert in television history.  Robertson appears on the Owens show every three months to discuss television, as well as where to find classic shows such as The Rockford Files on cable, tape and DVD.  The Ronn Owens Program has over 500,000 regular listeners and is streamed live over the Internet via

Ed Robertson also writes forThe Wave Magazine,Media Life Magazineand other publications.In addition, as a products consultant and writer for Columbia House he selected the best episodes and wrote the liner notes for many classic TV series released on VHS and DVD through Columbia House Video Library.

Ed Robertson has appeared on over 200 radio and TV programs, including “Showbiz Today”, “CNN Headline News”, “First Light” (Westwood One), “Up All Night” (BBC Radio), “Talk to America” (Voice of America Radio), “The Joe Mazza Show” (Genesis Communications Network), “The Mancow Muller Show”, “E! News Daily”, A&E’s “Biography” and “Entertainment Tonight”.  In addition, as a recognized expert in television, he is frequently interviewed by journalists across the country for news stories related to pop culture, entertainment, and media.  He has been quoted in such publications as TV Guide, Television Week,,, USA Today,, The London Observer, The Toronto Star, The Christian Science Monitor, The Dallas Morning News, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Los Angeles Times.

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Ed Robertson is available exclusively through the MasterMedia Speakers Bureau.

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Ed Robertson in the Media

WBT Radio (1110 AM, 99.3 FM, Charlotte, NC) interviews Ed about “TV Confidential”, the early days of television, the current state of network news and other topics.

Sydsvenskan, a Swedish daily newspaper, interviews Ed for a story on how the portrayal of U.S. presidents in American movies and TV series has changed over the past 20 years

"The Simpsons Head Into Dodge." E! Online talks to Ed about The Simpsons matching Gunsmoke as the longest running television series in American TV history

"Times and talk are changing for TV viewers." Ed is among the experts interviewed by USA Today for a story on how DVRs, On Demand video and other technological advances continue to change the way we watch television

"Big-Time Second Bananas." interviews Ed about Andy Richter, Ed McMahon and other famous television sidekicks "Gimmicky Characters." Beijing newspaper asks Ed why shows like 24 continue to thrive despite their gimmick-oriented premise “TV Confidential” video channel on YouTube.

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