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Tony Colao, President of MasterMedia, has been a lecture agent since 1972. From that time until 1988, when MasterMedia was born, he worked for two of the top firms in the business, American Program Bureau and The Leigh Bureau. Like the basketball phrase, "you can't teach height", he believes that the experience gained by his almost three decades in the industry is an invaluable asset which is not readily available anywhere else.

Tony maintains that the most important thing that he can deliver to his customers is caring, efficient service. Just as a doctor doesn't give a diagnosis before examining the patient, he will not make recommendations until he has listened to a detailed explanation of what you wish to accomplish. If MasterMedia's selective roster does not provide a perfect fit, he can act as an intermediary by using the many personal contacts he has established over the years to find the desired person(s) for your event. So, even though MasterMedia has a limited number of speakers, theoretically the entire world of lecture personalities is available to you. Tony's expertise at negotiating a fair fee on your behalf should not be underestimated, either.

Since we are all adults and you, the customer, have earned our respect, when you wish to talk directly to the speaker, that is never a problem. It is part of our commitment to ensure that you are always "in the loop" and that with MasterMedia as the source, you are saved the hassles. We may be a small business but we are not small-minded. We are not the biggest, the slickest or the prettiest. We are generally unflappable, thorough, courteous, dependable, relevant and service-oriented. Use either our toll-free phone and fax numbers (or e-mail) to contact us without obligation.

We look forward to being of assistance.

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