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About Tyrone Power, Jr.

Tyrone William Power IV (born January 22, 1959), usually billed as Tyrone Power, Jr., is an American actor, the only son of Hollywood star Tyrone Power and his third wife, Deborah Jean Montgomery Minardos.

He is the fourth actor to bear the name Tyrone Power, the first being his great-great-grandfather, the Irish actor, Tyrone Power (1795-1841). He is known as Tyrone Power, Jr. because his father is the most famous of the four (his grandfather became known retroactively as Tyrone Power, Sr.).

Ty was born in Los Angeles, raised in Mexico, then went on to work in numerous stage productions and movies in New York and Los Angeles, continuing a long family tradition. Sadly, Ty never met his father, the famous Hollywood matinee idol of the same name, who passed away suddenly at the age of 44 while filming in Spain. Ty was born six weeks later.

Fortunately, through his father’s numerous films and writings, as well as friends who have generously shared their stories and impressions over the years, Ty has been able to get a true picture of the kind, generous and talented man his father was. This is a great source of personal pride.

Ty currently lives and works in Los Angeles with his wife, Canadian comedienne Carla Collins, and their two rescue dogs, Miles and Dr. Zira, and is currently writing a screenplay about the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Cocoon (1985)
Cocoon: The Return (1988)
Shag (1989)
California Casanova (1991)
Soulmates (1992)
Healer (1994)
Last Chance Love (1997)
California Myth (1999)
The Beautiful Illusion (2001)
Leaving the Land (2002)
Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean (2005)
Elvis in Paradise (2005)
Dreamkiller (2010)
The Extra (2013)
Mansion of Blood (2014)

Ty also made a memorable guest appearance on the popular NBC sitcom, Cheers.

About The Program
Note: Ty can do his presentations in English,
Spanish or Italian.

“An Inside Look At A Titan of Hollywood”

Ty talks about Hollywood, his two hundred year family history in the entertainment business and the extraordinary life and career of his famous father. The program is filled with warmth, humor and insight, featuring many intimate stories, photos and film clips. It is a unique insider’s perspective on Hollywood, past, present and future.

The format is adaptable but in addition to formal remarks by Ty, there are many audio-visual plug-ins, available as requested. Most of the material has never been released to the public.

In addition, Ty will do an unlimited Question and Answer session at the conclusion of his presentation.

Ty is also available for programs and appearances with Stephen Bogart. Each is customized to meet the sponsor’s requirements.

Tyrone Power & Stephen Bogart
Tyrone Power, Jr. and Stephen Bogart

For information on Stephen Bogart, click here.

Comments about Tyrone Power, Jr.

February 16, 2015

...It has been a busy week since Tyrone Power joined us at the Mary Craig Class here in Dallas---I can't say enough about his program or his presence. For starters, he is the spitting image of his father and his gentlemanly demeanor and personal charm in meeting our members as well as having lunch with officers and board members after his program could not have been more effective.

His program was personal, even touching, in parts. He showed old film clips of his grandparents and father and sister in a silent film as well as several other film clips and many visuals of his dad. He has great presence and charm at the podium.

My husband and I took him to dinner the night before and had an absolutely delightful evening--we both felt that we had made a new friend.
Diane Bumpus, Program Chairperson, Mary Craig Class (TX)

March 11, 2015

“He was very personable before and after. ...when he was telling the stories it was perfect. The audience LOVED him and what he had to say!!”
Donn Cramton, Co-Chairperson, Horizons Town Talk (MI)

“...Ty was a crowd pleaser. Many positive comments from our 900 ladies attending! Thank you very much.”
Beverly Thompson, Co-Chairperson, Horizons Town Talk (MI)

Article about Tyrone Power, Jr.

March 11, 2015

Author: Sue White

SAGINAW TOWNSHIP, MI -- It wasn't hard to imagine at the Horizons Town Talk series the swooning fans that made Tyrone Power Jr.'s father one of the top leading men of Hollywood's golden years.

The actor, who inherited his dad's striking looks, shared his story with a genuine warmth that quickly made fans of the near-capacity audience on Tuesday, March 10, at the Horizons Conference Center.

"Most movie stars' children think of films as their parent's work, balanced by the dad they know at home," Power Jr. said, talking for a few minutes before the show. "For many years, I only knew mine as a pirate, a cowboy and Zorro. The rest came in bits and pieces, from the stories others would tell me about him."

It was a little scary as a kid when complete strangers would get in his face with a passionate "I loved your father," he said. They were always kind, he added, but intimidating to a young child.

“As I got older, I recognized the genuine enthusiasm and love they had for him," he said. "That's why I like coming to places like Saginaw, where they aren't as jaded as in New York and L.A. They truly love my father."

Ty Power Jr. brought the film clips, pictures and anecdotes that reignited the crowd's appreciation of the swashbuckler from the '30s, '40s and '50s.

"He had a great presence on the screen," Power Jr. said, pointing out "Witness for the Prosecution" as his personal favorite. "But he also had a healthy insecurity. He was a caring man, I've learned, who took time and really listened to people.

"One woman told me he signed an autograph for her and when the rain made the ink run, he took her under a nearby awning and signed another one."

Power Jr. heard even more of those stories when he was cast in "Cocoon" with many of his father's former costars, such as Don Ameche, Maureen Stapleton and Jessica Tandy.

"That was beyond belief," he said. "We'd sit and talk for hours."

The project had another parallel to his father's career. It was Producer Darryl Zanuck who first hired his father and his son, Producer Richard Zanuck, who did the same for Power Jr.

The striking resemblance to his father has brought interesting reactions, too, some wondering if he ever thought of changing his name to set himself apart and others wondering if his parents were such fans that they gave their child a movie star's name.

"I tell them my mom was such a fan that she married him," he said, laughing. For the record, there is a Tyrone Power V, if only because Power Jr. was afraid lightning might strike if he didn't carry on the legacy. He's actually the fourth to carry the Tyrone Power name into theater since the 1800s.

And those swashbuckling scenes that set the heart racing? "My father was very good at fencing," Power Jr. said. "Basil Rathbone was an Olympian fencer and he said my father was best he ever worked with."

More than the looks, Power Jr. says his father left him a legacy of always being professional, dedicated and determined to be as good as he could in all he did. And on a personal level, "I learned to treat people well, from fans to people on the set," he said. "People respected my father for that."

Copyright, 2015, The Saginaw Times. Reprinted with permission.

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