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Tom Feltenstein visionary, bestselling author, compelling

speaker and motivational trainer

Tom Feltenstein

Section 1: About Tom Feltenstein

Section 2: Programs Offered by Tom Feltenstein 

Section 3: Sponsor Feedback on Tom Feltenstein, Speaker

Section 4: Professional and Business endorsements of Tom Feltenstein

Section 5: Links to Videos of Tom Feltenstein 

Section 6: Books Authored by Tom Feltenstein (partial)

Section 7: Contact Information-How to book Tom for your event

About Tom Feltenstein

Tom Feltenstein is CEOof  Tom Feltenstein’s Power Marketing Academy (PMA).  Since 1998 Tom has s­erved and educated businesses in the retail, hospitality, franchise and food service industries.  PMA conducts clinics, seminars and strategy sessions while Tom gives keynote speeches globally.

Prior to this, Tom spent fifteen years as Founder/CEO of the Neighborhood Marketing Institute, a firm that specialized in consulting the food service, hospitality and franchise industries.  He also developed and oversaw ten internationally-renowned Marketing War Colleges.

In the early 1980s, Tom served as senior vice president for the international multi-billion-dollar advertising agency, Bozell Advertising. This was after serving as Ray Kroc’s disciple at McDonald’s, rising to become a senior-level marketing executive.

At McDonald’s, Tom was an integral part of the opening of the first Ronald McDonald House, still an important endeavor today.

Tom is a renowned speaker, author, trainer and marketing consultant.  He fuses comic timing, 4-walls branding and neighborhood marketing to deliver motivational business expertise both in the U.S.A. and abroad.  His high-quality, relevant content and high energy programs (customized to each client) are delivered in a down-to-earth style that everyone remembers.

As a featured speaker, in addition to hundreds of solo events, Tom has appeared on programs with Presidents Clinton, Bush (both), Lou Holz, Terry Bradshaw, Rudy Giuliani, General Colin Powell, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, General Norman Schwarzkoff, Jr., Brian Tracy, Jon Luther, former CEO of Dunkin Donuts and Popeyes, Fred Deluca, Founder of Subway and many more.

An ambassador of reason and ingenuity in today’s business world, he is nourished by family, friends, and community while sharing his wisdom as a writer and mentor.  He is fun, bold and passionately bent on infusing our hurried culture with “uncommon wisdom.”  

Tom has received acclaim from the likes of Larry King, appeared on Late Night with David Letterman, and the Super Bowl pregame show on Fox (arguing the waste of running ads during the game).  He has been interviewed by Voice of America, Bloomberg TV & Radio, Voice of America, US News & World Report, Tips from the Top, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Food Network and Entrepreneur Magazine, among others.

As an author, Tom has written 14 books (see partial list below), including his most recent, CHANGE IS GOOD…YOU GO FIRST: 21 Ways to Inspire Change, which has sold nearly 200,000 copies.

In 2016, Jersey Mike’s Subs awarded Tom a Lifetime Achievement Award at its world convention.  In 2009, Tom was awarded an honorary doctorate of law from Northwood University (MI).  Tom was also the first recipient of The Visionary Award, a prestigious honor presented by the Council of International Brokers.

Tom resides in South Florida and is actively involved in many organizations including the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association, International Franchise Association, It Happened to Alexa Foundation, K9’s for Warriors, Keiser University, National Restaurant Association, National Speakers Association, Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches.


Programs Offered by Tom Feltenstein
Tom Feltenstein

The following topics can be adapted for keynotes, seminars and breakout sessions for employees, managers and owners–all programs are customized for your industry.

AN ENEMY CALLED AVERAGE: The Keys to Remarkability

*Six secret weapons to increase top line sales and customer counts. 

*Four amazing strategies for broadening customer base, encouraging repeat sales and boosting average sale. 

*Seven secrets for recruiting top talent.  

*The eleven questions to ask when recruiting. 

*Five ground-breaking profit strategies to cash in on the most profitable, yet most overlooked market niche in your neighborhood. 

*Ten killer promotions to boost sales and profitability 

Do you have marketing challenges? Don’t worry. In this program, Tom will reveal his most successful and innovative marketing tactics. If you are looking for fresh, bold and creative solutions, this is a must for you.

Tom will explain the 7 Secrets of supercharging your sales and 11 proven strategies to gain an almost unfair advantage over your competition.

Based on his book of the same name that has sold almost 200,000 copies, Tom’s mantra is that if you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance a lot less! One thing for sure is if you give up too soon, you’ll never know what you will be missing. Keep going and never quit. Change what needs changing, not what is easy. Do not try to change the way the game is played, change the game! Don’t be different just to be different, be different to be better. When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge. 

Rhetoric is Out--Engagement is In! 

Are you ready for the future? The battle for the hearts and minds of your customer is raging right now! The old days of telling customers what they want, and how they want it are over.  To understand what is coming in marketing and how to prepare for it now, you must know the “New Rules of Engagement”: 

* Be Contagious 

* Become a little drop in the big ocean  

* Get over yourself 

* Caffeinate 

* Stop telling, start listening 

* Socially integrate  

* Follow directions 

* Engage audiences 

* If necessary, find a new job 


THE UNTOLD SECRET OF HOW 4 WALLS BRANDING AND NEIGHBORHOOD MARKETING CAN WORK FOR YOU: How a pair of golden arches changed the course of business

Tom learned these secrets from the best, McDonald’s Ray Kroc.  Ray’s dedication to local marketing helped the company grow into a global powerhouse, one location at a time. Learn what happens when you rule your 4 walls and your neighborhood! 



The battle for talent is on--are you asking the right questions to get the best people? It’s difficult to perform like an eagle when you are in a flock of turkeys.  Tom reveals essential “must-have” interview queries that are sure to help you differentiate “eagles” from “turkeys”  

Mediocrity: the enemy of greatness and success  

Education: the great aim of educating is not to impart knowledge but action  

Attraction: first impressions count--yours and theirs  

Celebrate: your employees should heartily endorse the business and its products 

Training: enables your entire team to “win” using acquired knowledge and skill to be the best 

Performance: the ultimate goal of training

Feedback on Tom Feltenstein, Speaker

Tom Feltenstein

"You did an outstanding job of motivating's a difficult task to keep a group's interest for an entire day, but you had no difficulty keeping them on the edge of their seats!  You got rave reviews from the unit marketing directors.  They continue to thank me for having invited you." 

Dan T. Cathy, CEO, Chick-Fil-A, Inc


"Your session was exactly what we needed!  It moved the mind set of our franchisees from marketing success is the responsibility of the franchisor to its mine the franchisee."

Ken Gibson, CEO, LearningRx 


"Tom Feltenstein shared with Liberty Tax Service his perspective of neighborhood marketing and the "Four Walls" concept.  His charisma and story-telling captivated the audience and helped to encourage and motivate our franchisees towards a successful future.  Many commented that he was the best keynote speaker that this organization has enlisted."

John T. Hewitt, CEO, Virginia Beach, VA.-based Liberty Tax 


"I want to thank you for your priceless contribution to the conference.  Without you, it would have just been more 'blowing in the wind'.  You, my dear man, are wonderful. Thanks again for being part of our family!" 

Nick Whitehead, CEO, Oxford Learning 


"Your ability to continually update your message and be rated as one of the most effective keynotes speaks to your leadership and uncanny ability to reach audiences. In closing, Tom, we want to express our deep appreciation for all you've done as a dynamic keynote speaker for the Restaurant Leadership Conference and its attendees."

David Jobe, President, Leadership Conferences


"In the many years that we have been gathering with our franchise partners, I cannot recall anyone who has had as much impact on all of us as what you gave that weekend. Your message was so powerful and logical that the group was nodding in unison that you were bringing a plan that was doable and at the right time.  Your delivery made the session most enjoyable.  Your whole plan left no room for debate rather ‘how quick can we get started.’   You became the topic of discussion since."

Dan Bishop, CEO, The Maids International 


“You did a masterful job of putting together a keynote presentation that hit a bulls-eye with the thousand or so franchising executives in the audience.”

Don DeBolt, Former President, the International Franchise Association


“Tom is both an astounding speaker and marketing strategy consultant Guru! Tom adds immense energy and firepower to either the Boardroom or to a company retreat.


In 2015, my firm hired Tom to speak at a retreat in our NYC office. His presentation had the attendees captivated with his array of topics from secrets of employing effective, game-changing marketing tactics to how to deal with really difficult clients. His delivery was super charged and entertaining. His deep knowledge combined with his ability to engage people was something to experience!


In addition to hiring Tom as a speaker, I have had the opportunity to partner with him in consulting clients on proven strategies to build their retail and food service establishments. Specifically, we created breakthrough campaigns by introducing and implementing 4 Walls Marketing Programs (a common phrase in marketing that Tom coined 25 years ago!) We have had over a dozen engagements together over the past 20 plus years. Each and every client was thrilled with the bottom line effective results of our efforts.” 

Judy Munroe, Founder/CEO of both Munroe Creative Partners, Inc. and Triangle Graphic Communications Group, LLC.


“I’ve known Tom for nearly 30 years and during that time have hired him numerous times as a speaker and consultant. He is a marketing genius who is informative, motivational and most importantly helps you get the results you’re looking for.  I would recommend you contact Tom and see what he has to offer.” 

Tony DiRico, We Change Lives - Chief Executive Officer at Profit Hunters International and Chair Of The Board Of Directors at Green Gold Farms


“Wow! What can I say! When we hired you to speak at our national convention in Dallas, we knew we could expect a great presentation, but we had no idea it was going to be that valuable...Thanks, Tom”  

Lawrence Clasby, Founder and CEO, Sparkling Image


“Your presentation speech was most compelling, enlightening and stimulating.  It was a truly inspirational experience and will have a great impact on our marketing efforts.  Our Franchisees were able to gain invaluable advice.”

Marla Topliff, President, Rosati’s Franchising, Inc.


“Thank you once again for being part of Pizza Expo Las Vegas and helping make this Expo the most successful to date.  I understand your presentations were “standing room only” on both Tuesday and Wednesday.  That means more than 1,000 pizza operators have gone back home to implement Neighborhood Marketing.”

Gerry Durnell, CEO, Pizza Today


“It was truly a pleasure meeting you and a BIG thanks for contributing to the Success of NARDA’s Spring Institute.  I know I can speak for all that attended when I tell you that your presentation helped us to meet our goals of providing an outstanding educational program for our members.”

Al Brown, Director of Education, NARDA (North American Retail Dealers Association)


“Thank you so much for a great speech at The Tan Company Franchise Convention!  You inspire us with your marketing wisdom.  We appreciate how you kept us entertained but most importantly helping us to think about how to plan and execute our marketing.  You definitely made owners, managers and employees realize that they are the ones that make a difference inside the four walls.  You are the best!”

Stephanie Struckhoff, VP of Operations, The Tan Company


“Thank you again for inspiring our team with your keynote speech Saturday night.  We took your message to heart.  As you know, the Steak and Ale team is operating in an especially competitive segment.  Your message encourages us to see the opportunity just around the corner – our neighborhood corner.  At the same time you brought a much-needed dose of levity to an otherwise serious business function.  Your brand of humor – which punctuates the “ha-ha-ha” with an “aha” is priceless to us.  We laughed and we learned a little bit about ourselves and for that we are grateful to you.”

Bill Watson, Vice President Marketing, Steak and Ale Restaurants


“Your presentation on Neighborhood Marketing and how to expand our business through knowing our competition and motivating our internal customers was right on target.  Your insight of our needs, and your common sense approach on how to generate greater sales, gain new customers, and retaining loyal ones had a tremendous impact on all of us present.  It was astounding to everyone, how the marketing needs of the foodservice industry parallels the needs of the service industry.  Thanks again for a great, motivating speech!”

James W. Waken II, President Atlantic Filter Corporation


“Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience…and several exceptional concepts which all of us can easily implement.  Your presentation to our Las Vegas Chapter was thoroughly enlightening.”

Elizabeth Case, Vice President Marketing & Communications, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Southern Nevada


“Thank you for the informative and creative contribution you made to Bruegger’s Fall Marketing Conference.  The many comments shared with me expressed appreciation for the ideas you shared and the breadth of your knowledge.  We could not have had a more stimulating or delightful speaker.”

Patricia J Cox, Senior Vice President Marketing, Bruegger’s Corporation


“Once again, you pulled in your audience and delivered! Thank you for your contribution to the success of Convenience Retailing’s Conference.”

Kristi Prior, Director of Education, CSP Information Group


“I wanted to personally thank you for your participation in our Chevron Retailer Convention in Las Vegas.  Retailers have been both positive and enthusiastic in their remarks about your presentation.  Thanks for the inspiring, exciting and informative presentation.”

Elizabeth Wood, Director of Education & Learning, Chevron


“Thank you so much for an excellent job at our Steak Escape Annual Conference.  You really opened eyes to the importance of marketing in our stores and the value of building relationships with key audiences.  Thank you once again for an outstanding presentation.”

Natalie Pitchford, Director of Marketing, Escape Enterprises, LTD.


“Thanks for your presentation at our Franchise Convention!  We are so glad to have you working with us as we move forward with our Marketing efforts.  I believe this is going to be a big plus + + + when our franchisees make it a “way of life”, as you have!  Keep challenging our groups and the world.”

Ted Fowler, CEO, Golden Corral


“Thank you for making this CIRB conference the best ever!  We have been somewhat stuck in neutral, but your input has propelled us towards being the best we can be.  We so appreciate your time and especially your wisdom.”

Bonnie A Rotenberg, President, Restaurant Brokers of America


“Thank you for the awesome, thought provoking, honest presentation.  LaBelle Management will be more successful as a result of your speech.”

Michelle Reed, Director of Human Resources, LaBelle Management

Professional and Business Endorsements
of Tom Feltenstein

Tom Feltenstein

“There is no foodservice and hospitality professional on Planet Earth who has had a greater impact on Marketing than Tom Feltenstein. His "4-walls" theory is brilliant in its simplicity. And it always works to build sales from the inside-out. Billions of dollars in profit have been made by the Fortune 1000 of restaurant companies that have employed his methods; from McDonalds to Dick's Last Resort. Forget the big agencies and their "spray & pray" approach...he is practical, logical and plain spoken. His greatest ability is to make complicated simple and drive unit sales from the ‘inside-out’.”

Bill Main, Professional Speaker, Turnaround Consultant, Expert Witness


“Tom-thank you for your great work on our Project 4x4 in Canada - your formula, guidance, and coaching made the difference! We have seen the power of your neighborhood marketing strategies and tactics through significant same store sales gains in our test locations versus our national numbers. We are off to the races to rollout with excited franchise owners and staff.”

“Your sage advice is timeless and is a reminder to us that in spite of a constant and changing digital world - there are basic human principals that respond to your proven four walls approach!”

George Jeffrey, Chief Operating Officer, Quiznos


“Tom continues to provide the restaurant and franchising communities with solid marketing strategy proven and perfected over 40 years. Tom is a breath of reality in today’s gimmick-based, hype-centered marketing world.  We are lucky to have his wisdom.”

Federico Giller, Founder & Director at FPG Creative, Inc


“I have 2 questions for you:

1) Do you require tangible positive results?

2) Are you ready to turn the obstacles before you into proven opportunities?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then Tom is your man!

Tom's comprehensive experience is heightened by his "secret sauce" tactics that incite positive change. Tom's "Yoda" style approach to uncovering your root cause challenges will provide you fundamental business solutions in an ever changing world. Tom's no nonsense acumen is balanced perfectly with his light-hearted approach that will help you carve out an achievable plan.

My journey with Tom has transitioned from a client to friend. I feel extremely fortunate to have not only worked with Tom but to have met him and look forward to our continued relationship.”

Ron McRae, Director of National Marketing, Quiznos


“Tom takes you ‘back to basics’ that so many of us forget in this fast paced social media/internet driven world. He teaches you original concepts that haven't changed and provides valuable insight to your business that you don't see for yourself. He's a mastermind not only in marketing but in business!”

Lorrena Paz, CFO, Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply, Inc.


“Having branded the Hoverboard globally and launching several other global brands, I have never found a marketing and branding oracle that understood the underlying principles of system marketing than Tom Feltenstein. He and I have visited for many hours on end about various brands, turnaround strategies, and growth factors. If you need any business counsel or a sounding board for your executive team, there's no better coach, consultant, and brainiac with a bigger heart than Tom Feltenstein. He's become one of my dearest friends, and I recommend him completely and unreservedly!”

Dr. Rollan Roberts II, Former CEO of the Hoverboard Company; Institutional Systems Thinking CEO


“I have had the opportunity to work with Tom to help create some amazing new potential partnerships for my current company.  During this time we have worked together we have worked many different Hospitality trade shows in many different cities. Each time we walked the show floor without fail we would run into multiple people that Tom had built trusting relationships with over his career. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can positively impact any business that is looking to improve market growth & execution.”

Jon LeBlanc, National Account Manager at Axsium Group


“I have worked with Tom in the past. His process of strategy first, with a foremost focus on great team members...eagles as he calls them, drives customer satisfaction, repeat visits, and increased profits.  Tom speaks in a very common sense manner that is approachable and understandable at all levels.”

John Schaninger, The Schaninger Group


“I have known Tom for many years. During that time, I've found him to be consistently upbeat, open, honest and full of great ideas. No matter what the business, Tom has a great way of cutting to the chase to discover the root of all opportunities. He provides real solutions that will take any business of any size to maximizing their true potential. I highly recommend Tom for strategic marketing assistance with any company. You won't be disappointed!”

Janice Charles, 39 Year Franchising Expert/The Franchise Consulting Company, Franchise Speaker, Local Store Marketing Expert


“Tom Feltenstein is one of those rare individuals who, when you meet or work with him, will provide sparkling gems of marketing wisdom. You may have previously heard the advice, but never truly ‘listened.’ Tom delivers qualitative marketing ideas/processes that are logical and easily assembled to provide an efficient and individualized marketing program for implementation.”

Cary Sully, award-winning advertising and marketing professional with expertise across multiple communication disciplines


“Tom knows the importance of inspirational leadership --leadership with actions that give meaning to the rhetoric. He's energized in a way that's contagious! Working with Tom, you'll identify a vision for a better future, develop a strategy to achieve the vision, make key decisions re: trade-offs, priorities and resource allocations. And create a high performance environment: establish a "can-do" attitude + create clarity and set standards + a coaching management style = excellence every day. Or as Tom would say, ‘we are here to get our answers questioned’.”

Larry Zwain, Experienced Senior Executive, General Management, Strategic Marketing, Business Building Franchises


“Tom is the expert's expert in the field of franchise and multi-unit marketing.  There is no one who knows more how business is driven into almost any type of franchised or restaurant business. I have seen him improve a company's business-and be the transformative force for real change.  For businesses that can handle his energy and ideas, Tom is the man!”  

Robert Berkowitz, President, Multivision Video and Film


“I’ve had the honor of being present at many of Tom’s strategy sessions and watching the magic unfold as he develops a complete marketing program for his clients. The pace is intense and Tom’s passion is relentless.  Ideas are challenged; refined and challenged again until he is satisfied that he has left nothing to chance. An explosive combination of the art and science of marketing that results in dramatic sales increases, engaged, excited employees and delighted customers!”

Leslie Allison Seei, President at Robust Promotions LLC


“Tom is one of the most knowledgeable, creative people with whom I've ever worked. His background and success with major brands like McDonald's has prepared Tom well, and enabled Tom to attain a high expertise in retail food marketing. His approach to problem-solving is unique and will achieve strong results. I've seen Tom address major conferences as both a keynote speaker and trainer.”

David Lane, President/CEO LevLane Advertising


“When it comes to understanding people and their motivations to do anything, there is none better than Tom. His people skills are unsurpassed. I am proud to call him a friend and highly suggest you utilize his talents to benefit your company.”

Barry R. Epstein, APR President and CEO at Barry R. Epstein Associates, Public Relations


“Tom has some fantastic ideas that force business owners to ask questions about how they run their operations and look after their employees. I have genuinely increased sales through utilizing his techniques.”

David Cameron, Subway Franchisee


“Tom has been instrumental in helping me to ‘stay on track’. As an entrepreneur, ideas come fast and furious and Tom has a knack for cutting to the core issues. Tom is a powerful, generous and kind man who always makes time for conversation and debate. He is passionate and takes his work very seriously. At the same time, he is a gentle soul and his wisdom is always thoughtful.  I'd recommend Tom for any team that can leverage his years of experience and his kindness.”

Erle Dardick, Founder & CEO at MonkeyMedia Software, The Catering Institute and Off Premise Insights


“I've followed Tom and his work for the past few years, fascinated by his ‘4 Walls Marketing’ concept.  I recently had the opportunity to spend a day with Tom at his West Palm Beach office discussing our company direction, strategy and future.  Tom had a unique way of looking at our business challenges and cutting through to the core of the matter and opened up my eyes as never before. Walking out of his office I never anticipated that my business would make the transformation that it did.  Since our meeting and following Toms advice my business is growing into new directions, we're making connections in markets never touched before and we will double our business this year. Tom is a very humble, kind individual who processes the mastery of business and marketing that many desire but few obtain. I would recommend to anyone who wants to grow his or her business and do it the right way to get in touch with Tom.  Doing so will start you off on a journey to success.”

Oli Olafsson, Business Success Coach


“I'm proud to know Tom, as a friend, a colleague and a coach. He is a top shelf individual that has always shown through the years that he cares deeply about his friends, his clients and, of course, his family. When you are his friend, you are his friend for life.  If you are considering Tom for a speaking engagement or a 2-3 day workshop, don't pursue this course of action unless you are serious about moving your business forward and seeing the reality of where you are, warts and all. One of Tom's key attributes is he'll tell you the truth so be prepared.   On the other side of his training or his speech you and your company will be better and wiser for the experience.”

Paul Mangiamele CFE, Chairman and CEO Legendary Restaurant Brands, LLC


“Tom is AMAZING. He strips away the fluff and exposes the reality of your business. If you can't handle the truth, don't hire Tom.  He has a great sense of humor and I've yet to meet anyone who knows Tom that wouldn't write the same glowing recommendation.”

Chris Brewer, Digital and E-commerce Entrepreneur


“When I became President & CEO of Ident-A-Kid Services of America, the first person I called was Tom. At the time, Ident-A-Kid had been around for well over 20 years, but was the best kept secret in franchising and was in desperate need of a brand face-lift. Together, we worked hand-in-hand with the franchisees to create a strategic growth plan that was rolled out to the entire system. The results we achieved were nothing short of phenomenal!! The brand was re-energized, the franchisees were totally excited, and with Tom's help we exceeded our goals on every level. If you are serious about building your brand; you need to discover the secrets of working with Tom. He is... bar none, the best there is!”

Lonnie Helgerson, CFE, Franchise Shark, C-Level Executive, Author, and Speaker


“I had the opportunity to be in Tom's workshop on ‘Marketing-Inside the 4 Walls’ and he has the most creative and effective ideas and strategies on building sales within the customer base that is already coming thru your front door. He delivers the information in a funny and informative way that holds your interest all the way through. I highly recommend you consider having Tom as a part of your program at your next national or regional meeting. It will be money and time well spent.”

Jerrell Denton, CFE, Sr. Dir. Franchise Development RAVE Rest. Group


“If you want to know anything about marketing, Tom is the best place to begin or end. He has experienced the highest successes and helped companies with little budget or opportunity create opportunities by improving its work of mouth marketing. His advice has integrity and commitment, looking at both short term bang and business practices that sustain long term rewards.”

Mike Schechter, General Counsel & Labor Relations Director for AGC-MN


“There is so much to be said for experience, especially when millions of dollars are on the line. When it comes to marketing franchise organizations, especially restaurant chains, Tom Feltenstein is a true champion of innovation. I have seen him in action and joined him in strategic marketing sessions where he has an intuitive way of understanding the issues that keep companies from reaching their full potential. He has his "bag of\ tricks" (established proven tactics he has used through the years) that seems to get bigger and bigger, as he ads email marketing, internet marketing, SEO tactics and social networking to his arsenal.  His client list is amazing and a testament to his ability to help organizations realize real growth. Tom has a big personality; I think you have to if you are trying to make big things happen. But those who have taken time to know Tom, know him as someone who stands by his commitments and always ready to lend a hand to those in need.”

Martin Greenbaum, Senior Marketing Strategist | Franchising Marketing Specialist Branding Strategist | Speaker


“Tom's insight into the marketing process proved invaluable while working together. Tom knows how to create actionable and tangible results that move the business needle. Add to that his wonderful passion for what he does and it has been a treat to work with him. Anyone can benefit from Tom's experience and insight.”

Luke Andros, Senior Vice President at Goodway Group


“Tom is the father of neighborhood marketing. His ideology over the years, regarding the power of local vs mass media marketing is finally being accepted as gospel in the retail franchisee world. He is an engaging speaker, accomplished strategist and born marketer, as well as one of the most genuine people I know.  Read his books, hire him for speaking or strategy-you won't be disappointed!”

Rowan Samuel, Realtor, John R. Wood Properties


Links to Videos of Tom Feltenstein 



Tom Intro- Talk is Cheap

Speaker Intro Video

British Rail Story

Tom Feltenstein – The Crazy Ones

Website & Intro Video

Tom Feltenstein Speaks on Superbowl Commercial Waste

Larry King With Tom Feltenstein

Tony Roma’s President Endorses Tom Feltenstein

Tom Feltenstein on David Letterman

2016 Speaker Reel Tom Feltenstein

Morton’s CEO Endorses Tom Feltenstein

Kathy Alberga (Buffalo Wild Wings) Offers Kind Words on Tom Feltenstein


 Partial list of books authored by Tom Feltenstein


CHANGE IS GOOD…YOU GO FIRST: 21 Ways To Inspire ChangeTom Feltenstein

“A great read if you are wanting an engaging and inspiring way to create change in those around you.  I recommend it!”

John C. Maxwell, leadership expert, author and speaker


“Simple yet pragmatic, this book is more than a list of do’s and don’ts; it is an unforgettable literary experience that will accompany the reader along the path of innovation and entrepreneurial success.  These common sense thoughts remind us that…if you stand still…obsolescence will soon follow…”

Jon Luther, Chairman/CEO Dunkin Brands, Retired Chairman, Arby’s Restaurant Group


“Finally, a book about business that transcends the conventional and shopworn focus on profit margins.  We get a healthy reminder that a successful business is not just about spreadsheets and numbers; it’s about people; it’s about change and how we deal with it.”

Kevin Dunn, Retired McDonald’s Corporation Division President


UNCOMMON WISDOM: Live a Joyful Life with Financial SuccessTom Feltenstein

“…It’s perfect for reading in short takes.  Those in the harried, hurried ranks just might feel a chord struck.  As you read, you might find a way to become a more effective manager, without feeling that you’ve sacrificed your soul.  We face impossible deadlines…We fight competitors who don’t sleep…That ethos has given rise to a new genre of self-help…Uncommon Wisdom.”

USA Today


“I first met Tom when I had him on my television show, Larry King Live, discussing Uncommon Wisdom.  This is a book I keep by me a lot.  I can turn to any page and get a lot out of it.”

Larry King, television host


“Until now, I always believed that there were some things that just couldn’t be put into words.  Tom Feltenstein has changed my mind.  He has found a way to reveal little-known secrets about the human condition in such an interesting and provocative manner.  This book is not an empty promise.  It’s the key to self-transformation.”

Bill Gove, Past President, National Speakers Assn & recipient, “Golden Gavel Award”


UNCOMMON WISDOM is a fun, refreshing, and imaginative look at common sense and stress-reduction techniques.  Extremely readable and thought-provoking, if not inspiring.”

Bill Main, International Business Consultant


“Tom Feltenstein’s book is an important step in returning healthy ethics to the business community.  Money is not God, but the financial world surely projects that message.  His suggestion is that life’s true wealth is measured in things far more soulful than property, and we had better put them into our life, as a way of life, if the human business community is ever to capture its humanity.”

Patch Adams, M.D.


MARKETING: THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY-Success, Failure and the Sure Thing Tom Feltenstein

“I’ve worked with some of the dumbest guys in the world, top guys, in top companies, both large and small.  And I’ve watched them make gazillions of dollars, over and over and over again.  How could that be? I asked myself.  What is it that dumb guys know that I don’t?  The answer to that question is in this book.

…And believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen, Tom Feltenstein is about the dumbest guy I know.  Enjoy.

Michael Gerber, author, The E-Myth Revisited and 14 other books; known as the “World’s #1 Small Business Guru” per Inc. Magazine


“Tom Feltenstein is either completely, stupendously, stunningly wrong or he is a stone genius whose counter intuitive insights will transform the marketing business.  I’m betting on the latter.  Read this fascinating book and you’ll likely come to the same conclusion.”

Tucker Carlson, Fox News


“Tom Feltenstein’s latest book is a must read for business owners who want to increase sales and profits inside their four walls and in their immediate trading areas.  His hands-on, how-to information is an invaluable resource that eliminates the need for any mass-media advertising.  I highly recommend this book if you’re serious about growing your company.”

Ed Rensi, retired former President/CEO, McDonald’s Corporation USA and former COO, McDonald’s Worldwide


“Most marketers are too stuck and too scared to do stuff that really and truly works.  If you’re willing to get off your couch and make something happen, this book is the first place to start.”



“Marketing people often forget that a strategy is only as good as the tactics that accompany it.  Tom Feltenstein’s brilliant book should go a long way in helping you add muscles to your marketing strategies.”

Al Ries, Chairman, Ries & Ries Focusing Consultants


“Most people expect to find gold in the ground.  But Tom Feltenstein’s new book puts solid gold marketing and promotional ideas between two covers of an outstanding marketing read.  Anyone, in any business can take away dozens of money-making ideas and still have leftovers.  It truly is a must read for anyone, especially those with limited budgets, who sincerely want to market better, promote better and make a difference in their community.”

Don Debolt, Former President, International Franchise Association



Tom Feltenstein

Tom Feltenstein has also written 10 other books on business, marketing, customer service and motivation.       














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