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Michael Gurian

...prolific author; family therapist; expert on leadership differences between men and women, gender employee training and gender equality

Michael GurianMICHAEL GURIAN is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-five books, published in 21 languages. His work has been featured in Time, Newsweek, People Magazine, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The London Times and other major print media, as well as on “The Today Show”, “Good Morning America”, PBS, NPR, Bloomberg, MSNBC, and CNN.

Leadership and the SexesHe is the author (with Barbara Annis) of the seminal book, LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES: Using Gender Science to Create Success in Business (Jossey-Bass, 2008), which was named one of The Top 30 Business Books of 2008 by Executive Book Summaries and Soundview.

The Gurian Institute, which he co-founded, conducts field research in gender effectiveness and diversity, provides consulting through system and enterprise-wide programs. Before becoming a consultant, Michael taught in the School of Education at Gonzaga University, offering that university's first gender biology course. A pioneer in the field of gender science, Michael has presented programs at numerous corporations and government agencies in the U.S. and abroad (see list below). He has also presented keynotes at Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, Stanford University, Macalester College, University of Colorado, University of Missouri, UCLA and many others.

Michael Gurian is available exclusively through the MasterMedia Speakers Bureau for corporate keynotes, seminars, training and consulting.

About Michael Gurian’s Corporate Programs
Power Equity Paradigms

Michael Gurian is one of North America's most dynamic speakers. His presentations are interactive, humorous, insightful and practical. He provides gender programs in specific content areas, including Leadership, Management, Sales and Marketing.

Gurian's presentations blend science-based studies with pragmatic case-studies that illustrate and prove his points (i.e., Bridge Brain concept). Michael's observations are research-driven and strategies-focused.

The Seven Specific Goals of Michael Gurian’s Gender-Based Corporate Leadership Programs:
1-Help executives lead and manage a business most effectively
2-Help recruit, promote and retain more women in leadership roles
3-Help men understand how to lead women most effectively
4-Help women understand how to lead men most effectively
5-Help men feel comfortable being led by women
6-Help women feel comfortable being led by men
7-Help workplaces protect themselves from sexual harassment behavior and lawsuits

These goals will be pursued through directives designed to:
1-Help attendees understand their own leadership and management ability
2-Help attendees understand crucial aspects of gender differences
3-Help intra and inter-corporate deals by understanding gender differences in negotiating style
4-Improve effectiveness of executive/management teams by building trust between genders
5-Improve monitoring systems and structures for both men and women
6-Improve communication and conflict resolution skills
7-Increase profitability through better leadership and management of male and female staff

Michael Gurian’s Bottom Line:
By breaking down the science of gender differences, Mr. Gurian’s presentations will show how to create “Symmetrical Leadership” between men and women by bridging the gap between the genders.

Partial List of Corporate Sponsors

Brooks Sports
Cisco Systems
Department of Justice
Entrepreneurs Organization - Dallas
Kirkland & Ellis
National Association of Insurance and Financial Executives
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
United States Treasury Executives Institute
Washington State Department of Ecology
Women in Financial Services
Young Presidents Organization

Corporate Speaker Reviews of Michael Gurian

December 22, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

“Michael Gurian's work with gender diversity has had a positive effect on our Frito-Lay senior leaders and managers. We initially learned of this science-based approach from his book LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES, which we decided to feature in our annual Women's Leadership Conference. Michael was our kick-off keynoter for the three day conference, in which senior women leaders and managers participated from around North America.

As a presenter, Mr. Gurian is wise, humorous, passionate, and really knows his material. Michael's workshop was rated one of the most valuable and relevant by our audience in the post-conference feedback survey. His approach to gender issues is at the leading edge of corporate growth. Having heard him speak and having access to his book and intellectual property, our women leaders are now more able to succeed in our corporation--both by better asserting their own leadership qualities and by better understanding their male colleagues. Workshop feedback also indicated that Michael's insights on gender differences could be reapplied to both professional and personal life quite easily.

I highly recommend Mr. Gurian's work and believe his practical insights will benefit any team looking to leverage the strengths of both men and women.”


Carolyn Fulton, Systems Integration Lead, Frito-Lay, Inc.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Re: YPO Speaker Resource - a recommendation

Fellow YPO Education/Day Chairs--

“I’m a member of YPO Dallas and for the past few years I’ve been a day chair for one of our monthly programs each year. Every once in a while we have a really great program, and when we do, I like to spread the word. Since my business is intimately related to difficulties we experience in raising our children, I asked Michael Gurian to come and speak. He’s “the guy” when it comes to raising successful boys and girls, and he’s especially tuned into gender related issues. Our members and spouses LOVED his talk and it was our highest rated event of the year.

Michael has been a featured YPO resource for years and I highly recommend that you check into his work as you plan the upcoming year. To be clear, I have no ulterior motive or business relationship with Michael – I just like to spread the word about great topics/resources.”
David Michel, President & CEO, Catapult Health, Addison, TX

“Michael is an excellent speaker and his presentation on Leadership and the Sexes to Entrepreneurs’ Organization was insightful, impactful, and a must-hear topic for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their company. His scientific approach to the differences between men and women in business is fascinating, and our members couldn’t stop asking questions during the Q&A. I would not hesitate to bring Michael in to speak to any leadership group.”
Jeremy Brandt, CEO of and President of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Dallas Chapter

"Michael Gurian’s presentations help break down traditional barriers and enable management to implement gender based leadership rationally. And very importantly--Michael is a dynamic speaker!”
Dave Roth, former Vice President of Engineering, Packet Engines and Vivato Systems

“Michael Gurian’s information is presented with both seriousness and humor. He has a way of helping the audience not only hear and understand, but also feel comfortable to disagree!"
Lani Wilkeson, Court Appointed Special Advocates

"I always enjoy listening to Michael Gurian--he has such an easy and humorous speaking style, and such an important message!"
Lyndia Vold, Healthy Youth Conferences


“I find your theories and assessments to be right on target."
Micky Dominick, VP of Global Sourcing, IBM

"Finally a book that provides guidance on leveraging 'gender differences' in the workplace to a manager's advantage. LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES is a must-read for leaders who feel that their efforts to bring out the best in teams can get bogged-down by miscommunication that have less to do with words than with gender and perception."
Theresa Fay-Bustillos, VP, Community & Corporate Citizenship, Levi Strauss and Co. and Executive Director, Levi Strauss Foundation"

"Finally, a scientific explanation of why men and women behave differently in the workplace, and practical advice for leveraging these differences to improve business performance. LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES makes a sound case for redefining our notions of what it takes to be a successful executive – companies seeking to retain top talent would be wise to pay close attention to this book."
Yezdi Pavri, Managing Partner, Deloitte & Touche

"LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES is a practical, science-based, and engaging book that will be referred to time and again by our HR department. At the same time, this book is NOT just for the corporate world. It features an astonishing story about the $190 million annual savings in reduced turnover realized (at least in part) by a corporation working to recognize, understand, and take advantage of the brain differences between genders. Imagine the bottom line benefit of this same training for peace negotiators, national leaders of pivotal social movements, philanthropists, academicians, and policy-makers - all seeking to make a difference in our world!"
Ambassador Swanee Hunt, President of Hunt Alternatives Fund Founding Director, Harvard Kennedy School's Women and Public Policy Program

"LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES is a great book!!! Michael Gurian and Barbara Annis have captured the insights and science that explain so much about our gender differences. Their book is a priceless contribution to the business world, as we learn how best to capitalize on the strengths of both sexes. It offers compelling scientific reasons for bringing us all to the table in equal, unique and shared roles. I thank the authors for making sense out of a topic that others often cloud with political correctness. This book is right on target."
Flip Flippen, President of the Flippen Group, and bestselling author of THE FLIP SIDE

"LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES is an important work and Michael Gurian and Barbara Annis are perfect to write it. Filled with practical, accessible information, this is a book that all of us need to read, whether we deal with men and women at work or leading in our communities or families."
Daniel Amen, M.D., Neuropsychiatrist, the Amen Clinics, and bestselling author of CHANGE YOUR BRAIN, CHANGE YOUR LIFE

"LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES is extremely valuable in two ways. Not only can everyone recognize something of themselves in it, but its numerous engaging examples of communication between women and men will help people interpret communication in the workplace more effectively."
Sandra F. Witelson, Ph.D., Albert Einstein/Irving Zucker Chair in Neuroscience, Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University

"LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES offers powerful insights into the daunting and often complex task of building Gender Intelligence inside an organization. I am sure it will be required reading for any business striving for a competitive advantage".
Debbie McGrath, Chief Executive Officer, HR.Com

"LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES is one of the most comprehensive and powerful books ever written about how to harness the strengths, insights and wisdom of women and men at work. A delightful, energetic, and important read not only for this year--for this decade."
Judith E. Glaser, CEO Benchmark Communications, Inc. and author of THE DNA OF LEADERSHIP

“In LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES, corporate moguls Michael Gurian and Barbara Annis illustrate how brain chemistry influences gender and how gender in turn powerfully affects every aspect of ?workplace behavior. The authors are at their best when at their most practical, using step-by-step instructions, exercises and simply worded “Gender Tools” to teach men and women to understand each other in meetings and on the golf course...Readers with a desire to improve workplace gender relations will do well with this pragmatic and well-intentioned guide.”
Publisher’s Weekly, August, 2008

"LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES is an exciting new book by gender team Michael Gurian and Barbara Annis. It offers critical insight into the minefield of gender relationships in the workplace, and is a tool I have been missing. Corporate America needs the knowledge this new book gives us. I can't wait to start implementing the authors' ideas."
Pernille Lopez, President of IKEA North America

“Much of what we have learned thus far about marketing to and leading men and women is based on observing cultural influences. LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES brings a scientific basis that simply takes everyone’s understanding to a whole new level. The opportunity this understanding brings to be more effective is a competitive advantage both in and outside our company.”
Jim Weber, President and CEO, Brooks Sports

"LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES is a marvel. I urge you to read the book—there is a lot at stake, and an opportunity to achieve lasting competitive advantage. From an increasingly robust body of research, we know for sure (as sure as sure can ever be) that diverse teams--diversity on any and all dimensions--outperform homogenous teams. We equally have to know how to maximize the diversity advantage--the reward can be performance leaps, not just modest improvements."
Tom Peters, President/CEO, the Tom Peters Company, and author of THE BRAND YOU 50

"This powerful and timely book, LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES, unlocks gender truths for the workplace. Every business--man or woman--needs to read this book!"
Louann Brizendine, M.D., Neuropsychiatrist and Clinical Professor, University of California-San Francisco, and author of THE FEMALE BRAIN plus her latest, THE MALE BRAIN

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