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About Edie Weiner

…President & CEO, The Future Hunters; author, leading futurist consultant in the fields of issues analysis and strategic planning


Edie Weiner

Edie Weiner is President and CEO of The Future Hunters, one of the world’s leading futurist consulting firms. She is acknowledged as being one of the most influential practitioners of social, technological, political and economic intelligence-gathering.

Edie has served over 400 clients identifying opportunities in the areas of marketing, product development, strategic planning, human resources and public affairs. Her clients have ranged from national governments to the Fortune 500. Edie has keynoted over 300 conferences (including The World Economic Forum in Davos, and TEDx). She has guest lectured at various prestigious institutions, including Harvard, Wharton, the U.S. Army War College and the U.S. Naval War College, among others.

She has co-authored four books with Arnold Brown: FUTURE THINK: How To Think Clearly in a Time of Change (Prentice Hall, 2006); Insiders's Guide to the Future (Bottom Line, 1997); Office Biology (MasterMedia, 1993) and Supermanaging (McGraw-Hill, 1984).

Her articles have appeared in numerous publications, including Harvard Business Review, the Futurist, Planning Review, the Insurance Gold Book, Best's Review and Association Management.

Edie has served on over 30 public, private and non-profit Boards and Advisory Boards, including the US Comptroller General’s Advisory Board. Some of the others she has served in the past include:
   * Board or Advisory Board of the José Limón Dance Foundation
   * UNUM Corporation
   * First Unum Corp.
   * CompUSA
   * The Fashion Group International
   * ThinkQuest New York City (Chair)
   * Boardroom Inc.
   * Independent Agents & Brokers of New York
   * Women’s Forum

Edie is a member of the Women’s Forum, a co-founder of the Belizean Grove, the first recipient of the Fashion Group International’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award (1998), NOW New York’s 2011 Woman of Power and Influence Award, and The World Future Society’s 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award.

About Edie’s Programs

Areas covered include:
1-Explorations into the markets and products that will provide future opportunities
2-Programs that analyze trends and specific impacts on your industry
3-How your company/industry must respond to changes in the external environment
4-Planning and Strategy development

The Future Hunters help their clients:
1-Equip themselves with the vision to capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities;
2-Optimize their sight lines in order to navigate tomorrow’s challenges; and,
3-Arm themselves with the foresight for building tomorrow’s winning strategies

Edie can speak to audiences about any topic related to the future and its implications. All keynotes are customized to the clients’ specific needs. Most of the trends that she highlights fall within the four main categories that are part of The Future Hunters’ core ‘STEP’ model:

1. *S*ocial trends
2. *T*echnological trends
3. *E*conomic trends
4. *P*olitical trends

Suggested Speech Topics: (for general audiences)
“Survival in the Workplace”
“The Underground Economy”
“Life-Extending Technologies”
“New Information and Communication Technologies”
“Transportation in the Future”
“Future Trends”(customized to a specific industry)

Partial List of Sponsors
(from the past year)

* Hospitality Design Magazine Summit
* Women Corporate Directors Global Institute
* Travelers Ins. Co. Marketing and Communications Summit
* National Association of Corporate Directors Spring Forum
* Biennial Forum of Government Auditors
* Global Spa and Wellness Summit
* Human Resources Leadership Summit
* International Luxury Travel Market Annual Meeting
* Macy’s Leadership Council

Recent Comments on Edie Weiner

“Well, what can I say? You were brilliant. Thank you so much. Your delivery is sublime and a joy to watch. I’ve never seen anything approaching your level of comic timing from a serious speaker. I heard nothing but positive comments about your presentation. Your approach is so refreshing. I am forever grateful.”
Jen Barratt, Marketing Manager, International Luxury Travel Market

“Your presentation was outstanding.”
“She speaks with passion, substance, and commitment. She is really fantastic. Edie is a great resource.”
“Out of the box. A real mind stretching presentation.”
NACD Spring Forum (attendees’ feedback)

“Very good speaker!”
“Amazing! The most thought-provoking and interesting presentation I have ever attended.”
New York Human Resources Leadership Summit (attendees’ feedback)

“You are just *THE* best!”
Lisa Caputo, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Travelers

“Every speaker nailed it. But you were the big hit!”
Helen Hsing, Managing Director, US Government Accountability Office (GAO)

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